Graphic Newsreel The Secular Reformation: new western religions and new western faiths

published by: Alec One

What Happened: Press Briefing on the Secular Reformation Movement

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  • Strengthened alliances amongst the individual.
  • Form New partnerships with individuals who can articulate meaning.

Secular Religious Institution: Mainstream Media

I made, this piece, the other day after thinking about the events happening in mainstream media institutions.

  • The media has a critical roll.
  • The media has a job of being the source of, well thought out ideas.
  • The mainstream media was how we collected the ideas of others.
  • The mainstream media was, once, the only source of media for the individual.
  • The internet, combined with mobile computers, has turned the individual into a media delivery point.
  • The secular reformation movement, just like the Religious wars, of the past, during the Protestant Reformation, is going through a form of mainstream media wars.

I’m just doing my part and documenting, these historical events, in ways I can be entertained.

  • Life is, now, the stage.
  • The individual is the producer, the director, the star and the audience.

How do you want to be remembered in time?


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  • Public policy strategy designed to bring back the individual from growing dangers and disasters, at the personal level.

My Understanding:

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  • The new religions are linking internationally, will create modernization of “the secular reformation” for the global community.
  • Public institutions, that provide useful information to individuals,
    will be able to modernize and rebuild through decentralized media.

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