Youtube Reaction: Reason TV Fake News 

The term “fake” news exploded onto the American scene during the 2016 Presidential election Games. 

What fake news does?

Example: true, false or somewhere in between?

What fake news is?

  • Hoaxes
  • Propaganda
  • Disinformation
  • Misinformation
  • Omitted information

Example: true, false or somewhere in between?

The fracturing of mainstream media has been interesting to observe and experience from the safety of San Diego. 

I find myself thinking out loud and asking:

  • How do you get information about specific events? 
  • How do you test if the information you are getting is true or false?
  • How do you read through the noise of crowded media platforms?

People use to trust the media. People use to trust the information they were told was something that would assist them in life.

Now we just have news entertainment. Which in my opinion isn’t a bad thing. 

I enjoy being entertained by news that will make me a better person. I hate when certain methods of delivering news are used to manipulate my emotions into negative states such as fear, sadness, anger, and hate.  

The exercise below is a thinking tool that can potentially enhance your personal news hunting and gathering. 

The 4 Step Exercise

remix and maximize

ram- steps for personal experience application:

  1. “take control” by(assuming responsibility)
  2. “get facts” to(be informed)
  3. “organize facts” to(know where you’re going)
  4. “make a decision from organized facts” (depending on results; repeat pea)

The basic instructions for ‘pea’ allows the user to be present in situational experiences.


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