Thinking Out Loud: Survival Game play design 

published by: Alec One
date: 10-May-2017


  • If: Life, health, relationships, and work are survival games.
  • Then: What are the rules?


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  • Life can be experienced through the framework of game design and gameplay dynamics.
  • Game play: survival


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  • Game frameworks have clearly defined rules of the open-world environment.
  • The rules are easy to locate and understand.
  • Game-play frameworks can be used as variables to enhance experience.
  • The “survival_game_framework” can be used to understand the concept of how people work or “time trade” in exchange for money.

Example of How this can be applied:

Game world environment:

What is the Goal:

  • Survive as long as possible.
  • Earn money (hourly rate for trading time).


  • Skill exchange.
  • Physical exchange.


  • People.

Item crafting:

  • Surgery.

Resource management:

  • Time.

Loop pattern in open-world environment…

My Understanding:

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  • The gameplay structure used to create survival games is an effective way to better program life’s daily challenges.
  • What is the ultimate purpose for life? My answer: Experience.
  • If I can better program my daily encounters and create individual challenges to achieve, then my life experience will be reproducible.
  • If my life experience is reproducible, then I can manipulate the variables.
  • If I can manipulate the variables, then experience can be manipulated.
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Renegade Mind Project: Declaration of Cyber School House

published by: Alec One
date: 13-Apr-2017

What Happened:

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  • during my walk, while listening to a discussion, an idea synthesized.
  • create, school houses, that merge, classical, trivium, grammar, 1 room, schools with Defensive Minded and Intelligence Minded, Cyber Vocational Schools
  • Cultivate, the culture needed for the future defenders of, western civilization.
  • General: Military Forces of America need a really good, all volunteer force, with the same values and beliefs in western American ideals.
  • FBI Director: Intelligence Agencies of America need a really good all volunteer force, with the same values and beliefs in western American ideals.
  • NSA Director: Cyber war has, is, and will be a threat to national interests.
  • Alec One: Open Source Cyber School House Agency


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  • The need for this type of product is critical to westerners national interests
  • The world connected into a single state when Sputnik launched in 1966.
  • The Ideas of Western Civilization aren’t Being Shared in mass.
  • Defense, State, and Intelligence department’s need people to be part of this mission.

My Understanding:

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  • The world connected, when Sputnik orbited our planet.
  • The time I contribute to my personal cause will be through the propaganda campaigns, I will reproduce, as course curriculums, in my Cyber School House (primary school and Vocational Curriculums).
  • I will market these ideas, as my “private, primary, one room, school” business.
  • This is my retirement business, project with the focus of, western civilization, traditions, becoming digitized and remastered.
  • Each skill, I stack, while learning software and other tech, will be part of the curriculum at, my Cyber School House.
  • My internal focus is on the needs of the defense of Western Civilization.
  • The creation and the transmission of ideas, in the container of, a primary school house and a vocational school house.
  • Next step will be to map my mind on to an Open Source Cyber School House.

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