Intelligence Report: Government Shutdown

Federal Government:

potus45 Trump:



Our system is currently overwhelmed by unchecked mass immigration, particularly at our Southwest border.

a child who had been apprehended with his father by the Border Patrol attempting to illegally enter the United States, died at an El Paso hospital after being taken for emergency treatment.


I extend condolences to Corporal Singh’s wife, young son, loved ones and colleagues.


The Mayor

Colosseum Rome Italy


Senator: Democrat, Toni G. Atkins

education: Slavery

  • The government will enforce businesses to mandate 20 minutes of training and education regarding human trafficking awareness to employees.
  • The state will establish a schedule for compliance commencing January 1, 2020.

Assembly Member: Democrat, Todd Gloria

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Thinking out loud: Jordan B Peterson, political correctness


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update: If you can’t speak, then you can’t think

Executive Order

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is
exploring a potential investigation of
social media companies

and will be briefed on Sept. 25 by
state attorneys general

who are already examining the firms’ practices,

according to two people familiar with the matter.


potus45Trump: meeting with Inner City Pastors

whiteHouse, cabinet, 2018:

We’ve launched a bold workforce training initiative.
So far, over 100 companies and associations
have already pledged to train and retrain
over 4 million Americans.

Training the people is so important,
because we have companies,
once again, coming back into our country,
and they want to employ people.

We’re training and working with “these” people,
and we’re getting companies to do the same.

It’s been — actually,
it’s been a very “beautiful thing”.

We fought very hard to include “Opportunity Zones”
in our tax bill,
which, as you know, we have.

This tax incentive will bring badly needed investment
into distressed communities —
communities with high unemployment,
communities where it’s really tough,
and tough to get a job.


Graphic Newsreel: America Pulls out of Paris Accord

published by: Alec One
date: 3-June-2017

What Happened:Paris Accord Keywords

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  • Accomplishes Little
  • Bad Deal
  • Undermines Competitiveness
  • USA Tax Payers, Fund UN
  • Badly Negotiated

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    The audience.

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