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Middle East

Politics is an insult contest: Scott Adams

Mental Prison Key

  • when people act a certain way
    they adopt it as if they believed it

update: 15 may 2018

what does it mean when god gives you land?

  • what is the difference between a Palestinian, who lives everywhere, and an Israeli citizen in terms of owning the land that god gave them?
  • what are the reasons Palestinians are protesting
  • in Israel, if you have money, then you can buy land
  • what problem are you trying to solve

update: 17may2018

What do ms-13, Hamas, Trump and Israel have in common: Mike Cernovich

  • you can be a good person
    and criticize things.
  • you can not be a good person
    if you defend hamas and ms-13.

Peace Through Strength: Inter-state strategic competition, not terrorism, is now the primary concern , National Defense Strategy 2018

The new National Defense Strategy is a good fit for the times, emphasizing the return of great power rivalry, yet still addressing other threats that abound in the world today, Defense Secretary James N. Mattis said today.

America’s military protects our way of life and I want to point out it also protects a realm of ideas.
It’s not just about protecting geography.

This is a defense strategy that will guide our efforts in all realms.

Today, we are emerging from a period of strategic atrophy, aware that our competitive military
advantage has been eroding.

We are facing increased global disorder, characterized by decline in the
long-standing rules-based international order—creating a security environment more complex and
volatile than any we have experienced in recent memory.

Inter-state strategic competition, not
terrorism, is now the primary concern in U.S. national security.