Economic Aggression


Hudson Institute: economic Aggression

Investigation of China

Section 301 of the Trade Act of 1974,
as amended,
gives the U.S. Trade Representative
broad authority to respond to a foreign country’s unfair trade practices.

If USTR makes
an affirmative determination
of actionable conduct,
it has the authority to
take all appropriate and feasible action
to obtain the elimination of the act,
policy, or practice,
subject to the direction
of the President,
if any.

The statute includes
authorization to take any actions
that are within the President’s power
with respect to trade in
goods or services,
or any other area
of pertinent relations
with the foreign country.


  • Attorney General Sessions announces plan to combat Chinese espionage


  • President Trump delivers remarks announces changing asylum rules for migrants on Immigration New Policy and Border Security
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pachu torres art

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potus45Trump: meeting with Inner City Pastors

whiteHouse, cabinet, 2018:

We’ve launched a bold workforce training initiative.
So far, over 100 companies and associations
have already pledged to train and retrain
over 4 million Americans.

Training the people is so important,
because we have companies,
once again, coming back into our country,
and they want to employ people.

We’re training and working with “these” people,
and we’re getting companies to do the same.

It’s been — actually,
it’s been a very “beautiful thing”.

We fought very hard to include “Opportunity Zones”
in our tax bill,
which, as you know, we have.

This tax incentive will bring badly needed investment
into distressed communities —
communities with high unemployment,
communities where it’s really tough,
and tough to get a job.