Thinking Out Loud: Project Senate Class Developer

What is a Senate Class Developer?

  • A person who creates, contributes, develops, to Open Source Projects.

Why is this important?

  • I am getting older and I want to contribute my wealth (time) to the public. 

This idea popped into my head as I was watching the Senate hearings, the Legislative hearings, the Intelligence hearings and the medias reporting on these topics. 

I was disappointed that I didn’t have access to the kind of knowledge being discussed in public hearings through the media. The arguments being made by some and the talking  points being repeated by others was such a baddass experience to me. 

Witnessing the intellectual chess moves being played by the Legislators was more fun to observe than listening to the pundits. These hearings contained important information for me to understand. 


Here is a bill presented in Congress. This bill wants to remove the old law of the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care act” with a plan that promotes “Patient Centered Health Care.”

What legislatorsadministrators, and judges do effect my life. And whenever you get to the stage in life when you care about the future, you’ve obviously hit the stage of being an old man. So this is how I would see my Merlin Archetype could be.

My conclusion is I want to build a tool, for myself, that will allow me to be civic minded but in cyberspace. 

What do you mean?

Its my responsibility, as a member of team people, to cultivate human knowledge. All open source areas must be cultivated by the public. Open source software is the public domains intellectual property and because it’s ours to nurture, we must create institutions that can maintain the public’s legacy. 

The internet is our public library. Our ancestors provided the seed money to the government to create the environment that our internet would emerge from. 

It is now my responsibility to add to the legacy of team people. Im putting my mind down digitally because this is my version of playing and wearing the mask of a leader. And it’s safe to do because I have only one person to lead in my universe, which is me. 

This is beginning of a new lifestyle framework for those who want to contribute and become part of the great conversation of life. 

Lifestyle class:

  • We are all editors and publishers now. 
  • We are all librarians and researchers now.
  • We are all educators and students now. 

I’ve asked myself “what do I want to do when I grow up?” I now have an answer. I’m going to play and add to the human knowledge database or what we call the internet. 


The fastest way to enter this lifestyle is contribute to Open Source projects. The beauty of these lifestyle choices are the barrier of entry is network access. Which all public libraries provide. 

Libraries provide computers for the public. Once you’re online, you can easily start contributing to cultivating your legacy. Leave your mark on the server. You’ve got time to do this because you’re decadent as phuk.

Senate Class Developer Titles:

  • Wikipedia Editor 
  • Open Source Software Developer
  • Open Source Network Security Developer (cyber security developer)
  • Open Source Enterprise Projects (education, health care, insurance, contracts aka Bitcoin)