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Thinking Out Loud: President Trump tweet and Snoop Dogg analysis

President Trump Tweet:

Public Response:


I’m starting to believe critical thinking, when it pertains to someone you don’t like personally, has blinded many people. 
When will people stop attacking the “person” called “President” Trump and start looking at the “laws” being talked about? 


  • Read, which literally means in Proto-Germanic, “to advice, counsel, guess.” 

When you read a Trump tweet, look at the words he uses…

Tweet content: 

“Imagine the outcry (public response) if Snoop Dogg pointed a gun at President Obama? 

People would want “Jail time” for the person who displayed such open public disrespect to the “President of the United States.” 

Potentially followed by a claim that pointing a gun at the President Obama is a racist gesture because Obama is a person of color (poc: a human being that is a product result of a light skinned person and a dark skinned person).

Is this a fair statement to make? 

I read the tweet as an analysis of the double standards people have for a certain kind of person.

But then again, I have a different moral framework from others. 

  • I believe in liberty. 
  • I believe in the rule of law.
  • I believe cultures have different values. 
  • I believe western culture is a culture that emerged as the most important kind of culture, the culture in which the free world we Westerners live in presently. 

Thought Experiment:

Imagine living in a place where the religious beliefs of a particular group are the framework society is designed to live by.

  • What kind of freedoms would the individual have? 
  • Would all woman be able to act how they individually choose to act or would the group decide? 
  • What would the LGBTQ community look like? 

Imagine living in a place where a person was elected and refused to give up power after their term limit. 

  • Would people appreciate the rights and responsibilities of being individually free better or worse? 

I’m pretty sure my words are meaningless to most people privileged to have been born in America. I’m just thinking out loud and sharing my inner thoughts with the people in cyberspace.

Now let’s continue to communicate the ideas which unite Western Civilization. Which, by default, are the Values America was built and designed to protect.

Team People

Here’s a link for the refresher guide:

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