Thinking Out Loud: Bernie Sanders thoughts on President Trump’s first 100 days

published by: Alec One
date: 28-apr-2017

What Happened:


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  • He is speaking to constituents who share a socialist framework.
  • I’m curious, how many people who watched, listened, and processed this video are actively participating in responding to the pain of the “working class people” by building small businesses to employ people, rather than expecting tax dollars paid, by all people, to fund the benefits the federal government provides the people.
  • I can’t lie, it feels so good, listening to Grandpa Bernie tell me all the gossip of the rich and famous class and how the economy is “rigged” to benefit the rich class instead of the working class.

My Understanding:

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  • I see Senator Sanders through the lens of an elder. With affection, I will refer to Senator Bernie Sanders as Grandpa Sander’s.

My Question:

  • When did people loose the drive to build a better world through hard work and individual sacrifice?

My answer:

  • Parents created, and allowed, an environment for their kids, that was safe from personal growth and development through ordeals and confrontations.
  • If I listened to minds who project their realities onto my reality, I might go crazy.
  • Grandpa Bernie, if you want education, jobs, and healthcare to be available for more people, then think how the demands of the market (aka people who demand a product and people who create and supply the product) functions in reality.
  • Grandpa Bernie, the world is simple, people want to be safe, fed and healthy. Happiness is a by product of these simple rules.
  • Grandpa Bernie, people don’t “really” like, being forced, to help people they don’t understand, know, or personally engage with. I used Google ( BTW: a product of the market) to search for a word different from force and the result I liked was “Charity”.
  • Charity is literally love (Google the origin). Charity is humanity. Charity is volunteer. Charity cannot be forced.
  • What can be forced, taxes. The result of the taxes collected are redistributed as benefits to the people.
  • I also understand, large groups of people, won’t voluntarily contribute their time, to the needs of other large groups of people, without incentives.
  • Grandpa Bernie, what kinds of incentives, would inspire people to work hard for the benefit of other people?
  • Grandpa Bernies answer: …. Hmmm, tax the rich class more and the working class less (yes, I know they’re more working class people than the rich class, don’t forget my worldview is a socialist perspective.)


  • The kind of logic Grandpa Bernie is using should be viewed from his political framework. For example: Grandpa Bernie views reality through the mind of the socialists framework.
  • What is the socialist framework?
  • Where does the socialist framework view of reality exist and function now?
  • What are the sizes of the states/ nations that have a socialist framework?

My Hypothesis:

  • (I’m pretty sure) I won’t find something that is relative, in size, to the United States of America, that is as productive as the USA….

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