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Historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) have made, and continue to make, extraordinary contributions to the general welfare and prosperity of our country

Established by visionary leaders, America’s HBCUs have long played an integral role in our Nation’s history, providing Black Americans opportunities to learn and achieve their dreams

During the week ending April 21, just 209,000 Americans applied to receive unemployment insurance (UI) payments. The last time initial UI claims were this low was the week ending December 6, 1969—Less than 5 months after Neil Armstrong first set foot on the moon.

The expanding group of very Smart Thinkers

Graphic Newsreel The Secular Reformation: new western religions and new western faiths

published by: Alec One

What Happened: Press Briefing on the Secular Reformation Movement

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  • Strengthened alliances amongst the individual.
  • Form New partnerships with individuals who can articulate meaning.

Secular Religious Institution: Mainstream Media

I made, this piece, the other day after thinking about the events happening in mainstream media institutions.

  • The media has a critical roll.
  • The media has a job of being the source of, well thought out ideas.
  • The mainstream media was how we collected the ideas of others.
  • The mainstream media was, once, the only source of media for the individual.
  • The internet, combined with mobile computers, has turned the individual into a media delivery point.
  • The secular reformation movement, just like the Religious wars, of the past, during the Protestant Reformation, is going through a form of mainstream media wars.

I’m just doing my part and documenting, these historical events, in ways I can be entertained.

  • Life is, now, the stage.
  • The individual is the producer, the director, the star and the audience.

How do you want to be remembered in time?


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  • Public policy strategy designed to bring back the individual from growing dangers and disasters, at the personal level.

My Understanding:

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  • The new religions are linking internationally, will create modernization of “the secular reformation” for the global community.
  • Public institutions, that provide useful information to individuals,
    will be able to modernize and rebuild through decentralized media.

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