Call to Arms

Call to arms

“When you are fighting for your life against a ruthless enemy, you can not be governed by political correctness. Social Justice Warriors would rather lose the war, by being politically correct, than do anything to trigger their offensive, socially progressive views. NOT IN MY HOUSE!”

Imagine a “peer to peer” information gathering agency to support personal liberty. This is the start of this type of idea. We, the people, the family, the community, must become informed and aware of the groups of criminals who believe they are at “war” with our Western families way of life.

is used to spread a particular message.
All media is used as a tool of propaganda for a particular message. The message being spread on this outlet is that we must learn about our generation’s “Nazis”.

I use the term Nazi because it should evoke a particular feeling. The feeling the world felt when a man’s ideas were able to mobilize an army, murder millions of people, with a clear vision of ruling the world. As well as the feeling and memory of large groups of different people organized to defeat a deadly idea with the goal of building a safer world for humanity. 

Remember how the West finally decided to enter WW2. It was only after the Japanese attacked our house in Pearl Harbor.

This is the moment when we decided to enter the war.

Remember how united the families of America had to be to get the war industry going. Remember the media and how they informed our families with information with a clearly defined the enemy.  Our house is once again being attacked. It is being attacked from within.

Our family history has shown us the power of what an informed family could do.

We have an enemy of global criminals, who use the religion of Islam as their reason to
murder people if they do not submit to their ideology.

Their ideology is known as Islamism or Political Islam. The criminals who follow this particular path have the belief that the entire world should be governed by their Islamic values. The values they wish to impose on the world are based on their legal system known as Sharia .

I don’t care if this message falls on deaf ears. I will continue.

I don’t care if this message offends people. I will continue.

In our country, I have the right to think freely.

In our country, I have the right to say what I feel. I feel it’s time for the family to level up and protect the values we cherish the most: the freedom to think and say what we want. The freedom to educate ourselves. The freedom to create our own paths.

It’s time for our family to mobilize and become united again. We have the media tools to spread the message of personal liberty.