Renegade Mind: Propaganda World War 1

published by: Alec One
date: 18-May-2017

What Happened:

  • Today is the beginning of the mainstream media declaration to the propaganda war.
  • This site will have my thoughts and opinions on these matters.
  • I hope to learn how to defend my mind against an enemy.
  • The enemy uses language and media to divide groups up people into smaller groups.
  • When the larger group is devided into a smaller group, the strength of the group decreases.


  • I will study the methods and tactics of propaganda and share what I learn in the form of media I create.
  • I will share my ideas of how I strengthen my mind against propaganda.
  • I will tweet my ideas and share them with influencers in mainstream media.
  • I have to engage the public and the influencers.
  • It will be hard, but the mind is a terrible thing to waist.
  • Exit…

For example:
Teach methods and tactics of propaganda war to the public on @FoxNews @fox5sandiego @realDonaldTrump @jordanbpeterson

This is a tweet of an idea I had while watching fox news on YouTube.

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