IB: What is the function and purpose of Religion

One of our most powerful institutions of culture is religion. Religion has given us the ability to work together and help construct our reality. If we can intelligently understand our religions, then we can have serious discussions to help construct our future realities. 

The below items are part of the IB (intelligence brief) of one of our families greatest institutions:

The components/elements necessary to create culture:


  • a unified system of beliefs and practices relative to sacred things (that is to say, things set apart and forbidden).

Religious Beliefs:

  • representations that express the nature of sacred things and their relations with one another or with the profane things.


  • things that are isolated and protected by powerful authoritative prohibitions.


  • things that, according to authoritative prohibitions, must remain at a distance from their sacred counterpart. 

Religious rites:

  • rules of conduct that command how to behave in the presence of sacred things.