You are the best personal “physician” you will ever know.

I am a believer and a follower of the philosophy of the “Open Source Initiative.” What I am sharing isn’t source code to a computer system.  I am sharing are the links to others work who have done tremendous work to provide resources (the software) for the human biological machine to function optimally. 

Eventually I will create my own interpretations of how to eat real whole food with a Renegade Mind twist, but in the mean time embrace the links to other’s sites. They have already started the sharing to the world of how it is our right to attain optimal health through a nutrient dense diet. 


Resources for the 1st principles of the best human source code:

Weston A. Price: Provides a valuable source for 100’s of articles regarding diet, health, and nutrition. Warning: this site is a maze of valuable information. Once you begin, you might not return. 

Toxemia Explained. Dr. Tilden wrote this “How to cure…” book in 1926. The language might be a bit dated but the foundation of the path to health is solid.  

Ancestral Health Symposium : the 2011 and 2012 videos for the current research and lectures regarding the past, present, and future of optimal health.  

Robb Wolf one of the early digital voice of the modern real health movement.