Cognitive Software

Personal Experience Application: pea

4 exercises to enhance personal experience:

Personal responsibility is a skill that, in my opinion, is no longer being collectively nurtured in Western Society. Historically, the last time the majority of the collective nation felt personal responsibility was important enough to educate the citizens was during the late 1940’s. The goal of this IB is to recreate a tool that allowed individuals to be great.



ram- steps for personal experience application:

  1. “take control” by(assuming responsibility)
  2. “get facts” to(be informed)
  3. “organize facts” to(know where you’re going)
  4. “make a decision from organized facts” (depending on results; repeat pea)

The basic instructions for ‘pea’ allows the user to be present in situational experiences

Example of running the pea software in realtime:


What is voting?

  •  a choice that is made by counting the number of people in favor of each alternative.


  • (Latin) votum: a vow, wish, promise to a god, solemn pledge, dedication.

If I want the society I live in to be better; then I need to take control and vote.

If I need to gather factual information regarding the propositions and the candidates in the election cycle; then I hop on the largest library ever created- the Internet.

The source I gather voting information in California: This website is a technological hub with the goal of improving the democratic process. The contents have everything I need to get the facts.

After gathering the facts it’s time to organize the facts. This is the moment of analysis. How will the facts affect me?

 If the facts seem too overwhelming; then reduce the large facts into smaller experiences. The final stage of “pea” is to make a decision based on the facts.

The personal experience application (pea) tool can be applied to all human life experiences. This cognitive software is for everyone to use.