Joe Rogan and Jimmy Dore: Information War

Hello Internet,

I have a purpose,
I must prepare my mind
for a state of war.

We are at war, and
our enemy is ancient.

The battlefield is my mind.
It will be hard to stay fit
during this informationWar,
I must become stronger.

All public and private
institutions have been
infected with a mindVirus.

thePeople are misinformed.
thePeople have been abused,
physically and mentally
by other people.

Networks have been
formed to create discord
amongst the FreePeople
of the World.

I will not standBy.
I will experiment,
I will fail,
I will learn,
I will repeat.

You will be my link.
I will share my experiences.
I will learn from yours.
Together we can win.

Thanks for listening.

Alec [winter, 2018]

Thinking Out Loud: USMC CMC Reading List

published by: Alec One
date: 16-May-2017

Why is this list important?

  • The information from the books are priceless.
  • Recommended by someone who is in charge of a Western Defensive institution.
  • This list will make your mind better. 
  • This list is free leadership training. 
  • Reading what others have gone through prepare you for real world situations. 
  • You always want to be the toughest and sharpest person you can be.
  • exit…


Renegade Mind State Department brief: Wikipedia in a post fact world.

published by: Alec One
date: 13-Apr-2017

State Department Highlights:

  • updating…
  • People participate in the creation and editing of Knowledge.
  • Wikipedia is an Encyclopedia anyone can edit,  as long as policy is followed.
  • Outline of editorial process policies.
  • All articles references sources are open and transparent.
  • Wikipedians check and document: what, why, who, where,  and when of information.
  • Wikipedia provides reliable, general, information about: What something is and who created it.

Questions to ask Wikipedia:

If people want to have access to information, then ask Wikipedia:

  • updating…
  • Where does information come from?
  • Who created the information?
  • Why did they present the information?

Example of Wikepedians Self Organizing Community:

My Understanding:

  • updating…
  • Wikipedia is a powerful tool for humanity.
  • Wikipedia is the product of peer to peer technology combined with the intelligence of the crowd.
  • Wikipedia is a reliable source and tool for individuals, to hunt and gather information.
  • Full disclosure, I am biased towards Wikipedia because of the utility of the software and the belief in the power of humans to want to live for purpose.
  • exit.

  • Department of State: full transcript.
  • Published on Apr 11, 2017, Washington Foreign Press Center Briefing: Wikipedia in a Post-fact Word: Reliable sources, Open Sources and Knowledge with Katherine Maher, Executive Director of the Wikimedia Foundation.

Security: What does the Air Strike in Syria mean?

published by: Alec One

I’m not sure what I would do in a situation of having to decide if a country, that uses chemical weapons to kill humans, should have their weapons immediately destroyed. I have heard the thoughts of others debate if the President of the United States of America has the authority to make a decision like this. I also wonder what others would do if they had to make this decision themselves.

I don’t have the same intelligence as President Trump, but I do have the same public intelligence as the other media outlets. Which means I can form my own opinions regarding the air strike and share my thoughts with the world.

What happened:

  • The United States fired Tomahawk missiles into Syria.
  • The strike was conducted using Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles, or TLAMs
  • The strike targeted Shayrat Airfield in Homs governorate.
  • The strike was in response to the Syrian government’s chemical weapons attack, that killed or injured hundreds of innocent Syrian people, including women and children.
  • The U.S. took extraordinary measures to avoid civilian casualties and to comply with the Law of Armed Conflict.


  • Shayrat Airfield was used to store chemical weapons and Syrian air forces.
  • The strike was intended to deter the regime from using chemical weapons again.
  • The use of chemical weapons against innocent people will not be tolerated.

My Understanding:

I don’t believe I have enough knowledge regarding the complete situation in Syria to make claims of what the POTUS should have done. I do feel the airstrike was necessary to prevent further Syrian human pain. I also think the world will become safer when the International community comes together to reduce human tragedy. And on that note, I will close out and go enhance my mind with substances…

Source: Statement from Pentagon Spokesman: Capt. Jeff Davis