Thinking out Loud: Joe Rogan, Eric Weinstein and Jaime


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Joe Rogan and Jimmy Dore: Information War

Hello Internet,

I have a purpose,
I must prepare my mind
for a state of war.

We are at war, and
our enemy is ancient.

The battlefield is my mind.
It will be hard to stay fit
during this informationWar,
I must become stronger.

All public and private
institutions have been
infected with a mindVirus.

thePeople are misinformed.
thePeople have been abused,
physically and mentally
by other people.

Networks have been
formed to create discord
amongst the FreePeople
of the World.

I will not standBy.
I will experiment,
I will fail,
I will learn,
I will repeat.

You will be my link.
I will share my experiences.
I will learn from yours.
Together we can win.

Thanks for listening.

Alec [winter, 2018]

Thinking Out Loud: Media Propaganda World War 1

published by: Alec One
date: 18-May-2017

What Happened:

  • Today marks the official beginning of the mainstream media’s (msm) declaration of the propaganda wars.
  • This site will have my thoughts and opinions on these matters.
  • I hope to learn “how” to defend my mind against a “thing” that openly wants to form my thinking.
  • Historically, people use language and media to divide groups of people into smaller groups.
  • When the larger group is divided into a smaller group, the strength of the group decreases.
  • A mind that uses a framework of clear intellect is the best defense against these psychological tactics.


  • I will study the methods and tactics of propaganda and share what I learn in the form of “media” I create.
  • I will share my ideas of how I strengthen my mind against propaganda.
  • I will tweet my ideas and share them with influencers in mainstream media.
  • I must engage with the public and the influencers.
  • It will be hard, but the mind is a terrible thing to waist.
  • exit…
For example:
  • Teach methods and tactics of propaganda war to the public on @FoxNews @fox5sandiego @realDonaldTrump @jordanbpeterson

This is a tweet of an idea I had while watching fox news on YouTube. Jordan B Peterson, RAM- future self Videography

published by: Alec One
date: 16-May-2017


  • RAM: Jordan’s Self Authoring project with Alec’s Future Self project.
  • Create Documentrame framework from Jordan’s program using digital technology. 
  • Example: twitter-ww2-1944 template 
  • Example: tumblr blog template
  • Example: Instagram themed photo template
  • Example: Facebook fan page template
  • Example: YouTube channel, playlist template. 
  • Example: Wikipedia biography page template
  • Example: wordpress template
  • Example: Podcast template

Use all these platforms to create your web consciousness of you.

  • exit…

SMS Out Loud: Entreprenuer Developer Bootstrap

published by: Alec One
date: 10-May-2017

What Happened:

  • updating…
  • Random text chat between “Alec” and “Ginger”
  • Game of Life design template.


  • updating…
  • Communicating ideas using advance technology.

SMS Out Load: Ginger and Alec “Game of Life”:

Mmmmm im hungry! 1 case down

Killer. I’m back on the floor making content! Haha

Content machine! You are fantastic!
I’m just playing life.

Documentrame, living avatar template, game series, action game, survival game!
Game of Life Framework: Survival
  • (person) navigates level.
  • (person) collects skills/objects.
  • (person) avoids obstacles.
  • (person) battles enemies (with various attacks).
  • (person) “open-ended” with no “set” goals.

Boom! Human life distilled to essence.


Thinking Out Loud: Survival Game play design 

published by: Alec One
date: 10-May-2017


  • If: Life, health, relationships, and work are survival games.
  • Then: What are the rules?


  • updating…
  • Life can be experienced through the framework of game design and gameplay dynamics.
  • Game play: survival


  • updating…
  • Game frameworks have clearly defined rules of the open-world environment.
  • The rules are easy to locate and understand.
  • Game-play frameworks can be used as variables to enhance experience.
  • The “survival_game_framework” can be used to understand the concept of how people work or “time trade” in exchange for money.

Example of How this can be applied:

Game world environment:

What is the Goal:

  • Survive as long as possible.
  • Earn money (hourly rate for trading time).


  • Skill exchange.
  • Physical exchange.


  • People.

Item crafting:

  • Surgery.

Resource management:

  • Time.

Loop pattern in open-world environment…

My Understanding:

  • updating…
  • The gameplay structure used to create survival games is an effective way to better program life’s daily challenges.
  • What is the ultimate purpose for life? My answer: Experience.
  • If I can better program my daily encounters and create individual challenges to achieve, then my life experience will be reproducible.
  • If my life experience is reproducible, then I can manipulate the variables.
  • If I can manipulate the variables, then experience can be manipulated.
  • exit