Judicial Committee Hearings: Freedom of Speech in Public Colleges.

published by: Alec One


  • “Be kind and decent, despite your differences.”
  • “Teach the philosophy of Freedom of Speech at Universities.”
  • Protect student journalist.
  • Educate young people in civic education.
  • Encourage private university to be like public university regarding the protection of freedom of speech.

I wish there was more to analyze. This hearing was a discussion regarding the federal governments potential role in allow public universitys access to federal student aid through the creation of state and federal laws. 
Source: Witness Testimony

White House Brief: Businesses​ excited about possibly reducing redundant regulations.

published by: Alec One


  • the first two jobs report show that under President Trump, nearly 500,000 new jobs have been created in the first two months of this year.
  • National Association of Manufacturers that in their historic quarterly report, 93 percent of manufacturers are optimistic about the future.  

Thinking Out Loud:

What this means?

  • The sky isn’t falling. The business class is excited about the potential future of trade in America. 

Why care about the business class?

  • Businesses emerge because solutions for human problems are always present. The primary focus for people should be to think about potential solutions for problems they find important. 

      Source: wh.gov 

      White House Press Brief: President Trump Donates $78k to National Park Services

      published by: Alec One

      Executive News Highlights:

      • President Trump Donates $78k to help US National Parks get media coverage. Why? Department of Interior is $100 [million] or $229 million behind in deferred maintenance on our battlefields.
      • Secretary Zinke says “it’s a matter of National Security for America to develop it’s own energy.” He is open for companies interested in developing energy from the publics national resources. Coal industry looking to develop jobs for Americans.
      • Secretary Zinke: “All of us want clean air, clean water.” As a boy scout he will ensure companies leave the land just as they found it.
      • April 2nd through the 8th as National Crime Victims’ Rights Week.
      • Federal aid will be given to the state of California as a result of severe winter storm flooding and mudslides in February.
      • Senate Judiciary Committee voted to advance the President’s selection for Neil Gorsuch to the full Senate.
      • The application process for this year’s H1B visas.

      Questions asked by Journalist Highlights:

      • Q: Jared Kushner’s trip to Iraq today — why is he there and not the Secretary of State? What is the message that the President is sending by having Jared Kushner be the one to take this trip to Iraq?
      • Q: A recent ProPublica report out today revealed that President Trump can draw money from his businesses at any time without disclosing it. I have two questions.  One, has the President withdrawn any money from his businesses since taking office?  And two, can the White House commit that the President will disclose future withdrawals if they take place?

        Source: wh.gov

        White House Press Brief: America is preparing for a new kind of war

        Executive news Highlights:

        • Executive order: Trade “abuse” policy report
        • Executive order: Countervailing duties: countries who “dump” imports into US economy underprice “American Companies.” 
        • DOJ files appeal to 9th circuit court.
        • States can drug test users of unemployment benefits.
        • Association manufacturer Outlook survey: 93% of manufacturers , who file for the survey, have a positive look on the outlook of future manufacturer business in America.
        • USA withdrew from TPP
        • USA is committed to NATO.

        Thinking Out Loud: Project Senate Class Developer

        What is a Senate Class Developer?

        • A person who creates, contributes, develops, to Open Source Projects.

        Why is this important?

        • I am getting older and I want to contribute my wealth (time) to the public. 

        This idea popped into my head as I was watching the Senate hearings, the Legislative hearings, the Intelligence hearings and the medias reporting on these topics. 

        I was disappointed that I didn’t have access to the kind of knowledge being discussed in public hearings through the media. The arguments being made by some and the talking  points being repeated by others was such a baddass experience to me. 

        Witnessing the intellectual chess moves being played by the Legislators was more fun to observe than listening to the pundits. These hearings contained important information for me to understand. 


        Here is a bill presented in Congress. This bill wants to remove the old law of the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care act” with a plan that promotes “Patient Centered Health Care.”

        What legislatorsadministrators, and judges do effect my life. And whenever you get to the stage in life when you care about the future, you’ve obviously hit the stage of being an old man. So this is how I would see my Merlin Archetype could be.

        My conclusion is I want to build a tool, for myself, that will allow me to be civic minded but in cyberspace. 

        What do you mean?

        Its my responsibility, as a member of team people, to cultivate human knowledge. All open source areas must be cultivated by the public. Open source software is the public domains intellectual property and because it’s ours to nurture, we must create institutions that can maintain the public’s legacy. 

        The internet is our public library. Our ancestors provided the seed money to the government to create the environment that our internet would emerge from. 

        It is now my responsibility to add to the legacy of team people. Im putting my mind down digitally because this is my version of playing and wearing the mask of a leader. And it’s safe to do because I have only one person to lead in my universe, which is me. 

        This is beginning of a new lifestyle framework for those who want to contribute and become part of the great conversation of life. 

        Lifestyle class:

        • We are all editors and publishers now. 
        • We are all librarians and researchers now.
        • We are all educators and students now. 

        I’ve asked myself “what do I want to do when I grow up?” I now have an answer. I’m going to play and add to the human knowledge database or what we call the internet. 


        The fastest way to enter this lifestyle is contribute to Open Source projects. The beauty of these lifestyle choices are the barrier of entry is network access. Which all public libraries provide. 

        Libraries provide computers for the public. Once you’re online, you can easily start contributing to cultivating your legacy. Leave your mark on the server. You’ve got time to do this because you’re decadent as phuk.

        Senate Class Developer Titles:

        • Wikipedia Editor 
        • Open Source Software Developer
        • Open Source Network Security Developer (cyber security developer)
        • Open Source Enterprise Projects (education, health care, insurance, contracts aka Bitcoin) 

            Thinking Out Loud: What is gender?

            What is: Gender?

            Historically the word #gender has been used by #teampeople to place human objects in a specific kind of container for identification purposes. 

            I thank the classical Romans for providing the seeds of this particular word. 

            Gender, “literally” is linked to #genus and genus is the #Latin word that translates to “race, stock, kind, family; birth, descent, origin.” 

            Now that I have a better understanding of the #first meanings of the word gender, I better appreciate how people use the word presently. 

            Words are tools teampeople use to project our minds to others. If that sentence seemed kind of weird, then just close your eyes and imagine what gender looks like to you, personally.


            Questions to imagine:

            • How does your minds eye view gender? 
            • What pictures float by in your mind as you scan for an image that would represent gender to you? 
            • What are the kinds of images?
            • When a child is born what would you tell the parents?

            These are fascinating questions to think about. Some can argue we are currently living through a culture war. I agree with this statement in form only. Only because people create,define, and use words as tools. And Teampeople are master tool makers. 

            Culture is a kind of tool that organizes people into groups. Words are a kind of tool that define meaning to objective and subjective reality. Culture and words are the only elements necessary to start a culture war among teampeople. 

            The continuous War of Identity Politics:

            I would argue teampeople have been dealing with issues of identity the moment #language emerged. 


            Teampeople label the world with words for many important reasons. Labels provide structure and organization. If the word being used as a tool works, then the word will be “picked up” and used by people. 

            Self Analysis:

            I was “triggered” to set my thoughts down and to look at them in this piece I’m writing.  

            Why? The era of decadents

            Because I am alive during the era of decadents. After carefull observations I predict certain thinking frameworks are going through states of decay. Certain ways of seeing reality are being challenged by teampeople.

            Mic Drop:

            The process and outcomes of these challenges are what I enjoy observing. I’ll close my mind now with a different question: 

            • What kind of future world will present teampeople help shape for future teampeople?  

              Thinking Out Loud: President Trump tweet and Snoop Dogg analysis

              President Trump Tweet:

              Public Response:


              I’m starting to believe critical thinking, when it pertains to someone you don’t like personally, has blinded many people. 
              When will people stop attacking the “person” called “President” Trump and start looking at the “laws” being talked about? 


              • Read, which literally means in Proto-Germanic, “to advice, counsel, guess.” 

              When you read a Trump tweet, look at the words he uses…

              Tweet content: 

              “Imagine the outcry (public response) if Snoop Dogg pointed a gun at President Obama? 

              People would want “Jail time” for the person who displayed such open public disrespect to the “President of the United States.” 

              Potentially followed by a claim that pointing a gun at the President Obama is a racist gesture because Obama is a person of color (poc: a human being that is a product result of a light skinned person and a dark skinned person).

              Is this a fair statement to make? 

              I read the tweet as an analysis of the double standards people have for a certain kind of person.

              But then again, I have a different moral framework from others. 

              • I believe in liberty. 
              • I believe in the rule of law.
              • I believe cultures have different values. 
              • I believe western culture is a culture that emerged as the most important kind of culture, the culture in which the free world we Westerners live in presently. 

              Thought Experiment:

              Imagine living in a place where the religious beliefs of a particular group are the framework society is designed to live by.

              • What kind of freedoms would the individual have? 
              • Would all woman be able to act how they individually choose to act or would the group decide? 
              • What would the LGBTQ community look like? 

              Imagine living in a place where a person was elected and refused to give up power after their term limit. 

              • Would people appreciate the rights and responsibilities of being individually free better or worse? 

              I’m pretty sure my words are meaningless to most people privileged to have been born in America. I’m just thinking out loud and sharing my inner thoughts with the people in cyberspace.

              Now let’s continue to communicate the ideas which unite Western Civilization. Which, by default, are the Values America was built and designed to protect.

              Team People

              Here’s a link for the refresher guide:

              US Citizenship and Immigration Services: civics lessons