Joe Rogan and Jimmy Dore: Information War

Hello Internet,

I have a purpose,
I must prepare my mind
for a state of war.

We are at war, and
our enemy is ancient.

The battlefield is my mind.
It will be hard to stay fit
during this informationWar,
I must become stronger.

All public and private
institutions have been
infected with a mindVirus.

thePeople are misinformed.
thePeople have been abused,
physically and mentally
by other people.

Networks have been
formed to create discord
amongst the FreePeople
of the World.

I will not standBy.
I will experiment,
I will fail,
I will learn,
I will repeat.

You will be my link.
I will share my experiences.
I will learn from yours.
Together we can win.

Thanks for listening.

Alec [winter, 2018]

Graphic Newsreel: America Pulls out of Paris Accord

published by: Alec One
date: 3-June-2017

What Happened:Paris Accord Keywords

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  • Accomplishes Little
  • Bad Deal
  • Undermines Competitiveness
  • USA Tax Payers, Fund UN
  • Badly Negotiated

My Understanding:

  • I’m just doing my part,
    and documenting,
    historical events,
    in ways,
    I can be entertained.

  • Life is, now, the stage.
    The individual is
    The producer,
    The director,
    The star
    The audience.

How do you want to be remembered in time?

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  • echo
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Renegade Mind News Brief: White House Press Brief

published by: Alec One

What Happened:Daily Press Briefing by Press Secretary Sean Spicer — #51

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  • Strengthened alliances.
  • Formed New partnerships.


  • updating…
  • Foreign policy strategy designed to bring back the world from growing dangers and disasters

My Understanding:

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  • The trade alliances President Trump is linking internationally with, will create modernization for the global community.
  • Public institutions with rigidity will be able to modernize and rebuild through decentralized
  • exit…