Thinking Out Loud: We are all public figures now and we better get good at it quick.

What is a public figure?

Art is a powerful tool. People use art as a medium to express and exchange ideas with other people. 

I’ve learned so much from art. I’m enjoying the series TPVSOJS and there is a baddass scene where one of the Lawyer archetypes was analyzing the methods of how a public figure should present themselves to the world. His analysis is what inspired me to think out loud. 

What new skills must be developed?

  • Entertaining ways to create, produce, and communicate ideas with others.

We, the public figures, have the tools to be the ring masters of our personal media circus. This is a powerful skill to master for a person who lives in Cyberspace

Why is this important?

We have the ability to share our minds with others in an entertaining way using the tools of the internet. The moment you publish anything online you have technically become a public figure. 

And the public environment has rules for public figures to learn and master. 

Why should I master these rules?

Because the tools of the internet have created a hyper-connected public space where every person connected has the ability to create, produce, publish, and share their narrative of reality. 

We have the ability to be the creators of our personal media realities. The technology in cyberspace levels the barrier of entry into the media industry fields and allows everyone online a platform to openly connect personalized media content with others.

How does this affect me?


  • Perceptions of reality are relative.
  • People want to be entertained.
  • Alternate theories of reality are spread using tools people create for communication.

Potential Solutions:

  • People share in narrative form their perceptions of the reality they choose.
  • People become hybrids of producers and users of entertainment.
  • People default to open and disclose the foundations of the perceptions of their personal reality using the tools of the internet.

The problem is something that we, being people, will always have to deal with because that’s just part of the human condition. And to be honest, the problem isn’t as bad as some would perceive. 

Why this problem isn’t so bad?

Because most people live in environments that are specially designed for our well being. If we lived naturally, like other lifeforms fighting for survival do, then we wouldn’t be living in the kind of world that has national safety networks, construction networks, food distribution networks, energy grid networks and global communication​ networks to name a few.  

For most living things, life is hard. Ask yourself this question. How many whales do you see building refrigerators to store their food in? I would bet you 50 cents the answer has a very good chance of being none. 

Most other lifeforms spend their entire existence feeding, fighting, and attempting to sexually reproduce. I dont see too many other lifeforms with the luxury of having the skills and time to develop an environment that a person would want to exist in. In fact, it’s people who observe the behavior and patterns of other living things to learn from and better our existence.

Unlike Locust, most people have moved beyond those trivial problems of having enough food for basic survival

Unlike Mountain Gorillas, most people have moved beyond the fear of having no place safe to live for basic survival. 

Unlike Pandas, most people can choose if they want to sexually reproduce or not.  And, btw, having sex for pleasure, without the goal of reproduction doesn’t effect basic human survival. 

Why is this so powerful?

The tools of the internet give people tremendous power to become something better. Seeing those words reminds me of what Uncle Ben use to say “with great powers comes great responsibility.” Well thanks for the solid advice Uncle Ben. I will be responsible in how I will conduct myself in Cyberspace. 

Lesson Source: The People vs OJ Simpson: An American Crime Story. 

  • If there is going to be a media circus, then you better be the ring master. 

This sentence made my brain smile because it clearly​ defines what the state and purpose of living in America means now. We all have the ability to be the masters of our personal media circus. We all have the ability to provide the narrative of our lives to the world. 

The tools the internet provides are powerful enough to build personal cyberdomain empires. For example, WordPress is a tool that encourages people to share their minds with others freely. The tools within WordPress gives people the publishing ability of William Randolph Hearst

William Randolph Hearst was one of the influencers of the news people read and by default he influenced reality. 

The reality of William Randolph Hearst is now the default mode for everyone who has access to the tools of the internet. 

Historically the purpose of life was to create a better world than we are born in. I am on team people, and I accept this mission. 


Public Figure

Youtube Reaction: Reason TV Fake News 

The term “fake” news exploded onto the American scene during the 2016 Presidential election Games. 

What fake news does?

Example: true, false or somewhere in between?

What fake news is?

  • Hoaxes
  • Propaganda
  • Disinformation
  • Misinformation
  • Omitted information

Example: true, false or somewhere in between?

The fracturing of mainstream media has been interesting to observe and experience from the safety of San Diego. 

I find myself thinking out loud and asking:

  • How do you get information about specific events? 
  • How do you test if the information you are getting is true or false?
  • How do you read through the noise of crowded media platforms?

People use to trust the media. People use to trust the information they were told was something that would assist them in life.

Now we just have news entertainment. Which in my opinion isn’t a bad thing. 

I enjoy being entertained by news that will make me a better person. I hate when certain methods of delivering news are used to manipulate my emotions into negative states such as fear, sadness, anger, and hate.  

The exercise below is a thinking tool that can potentially enhance your personal news hunting and gathering. 

The 4 Step Exercise

remix and maximize

ram- steps for personal experience application:

  1. “take control” by(assuming responsibility)
  2. “get facts” to(be informed)
  3. “organize facts” to(know where you’re going)
  4. “make a decision from organized facts” (depending on results; repeat pea)

The basic instructions for ‘pea’ allows the user to be present in situational experiences.


Reason TV 

diy tCDS- Brain Boosting Tech

Growth through our ability to develop technology and master our environments has been the foundation of our species success. Everything our species has accomplished in the world we live in is amazing. The ability to produce technology is one of our greatest assets.

— insert hyperbole here — One reason “why” we believe we are such a dominant species is due to our HUGE brains. Collectively we are a magnificent and destructive super-organisim. Our brains give us the ability to produce technology to continue our reign as the number one species on the planet.

In order to continue holding the title as the world’s greatest species we must continue maximizing all our available biological resources. Imagine a tool to enhance your cognitive abilities. “Enhanced judgement. Enhanced awareness. Enhanced perception. Enhanced reasoning.” Sounds like an opening head line in a few movies.

Reality is much weirder than fiction. The digital community has shown me the way to use a technological tool to potentially improve cognitive performance.

The Tool

Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation is a form of neurostimulation delivered to the brain via small electrodes. tCDS was originally developed to assist patients who suffered brain injuries.

Should sick and injured humans be the only beings to benefit from tCDS technology? Should healthy humans utilize the technology to help enhance their ability to increase cognitive performance?

tCDS can possibly improve cognitive performance’s in these essential areas:

  • language
  • mathematics
  • problem solving
  • coordination
  • attention span
  • memory

Device Parts:

  • Anondal Electrode
  • Cathodal Electrode
  • Battery Powered Device

The Method

tCDS sends a constant low direct current through electrodes to the regions of interest within the brain. The current stimulate’s blood flow and either increases or decreases neurons. The side effects should be understood also.

Side Effects

  • Itching Under Electrodes
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Phosphene at start (seeing light without entering the eye)



I have attempted to use all sorts of technological tools to help enhance my abilities in life. The simplicity of tCDS has intrigued me. I want to know if a constant low direct current can put me in a state of flow. I want to know if I can induce intracerebral current flow and alter my brains function. I want to know if DARPA and other institutions with people way smarter than me can give people the tools to improve cognitive performance without the need of pharmaceutical aids.