Origin Story

hello_world. I’m Alec1 xNavy. Renegade Mind is an extension of my brain.

“someone who exhibits great independence in thought and action.”
mind (Latin origin: mens)-
“understanding, reason.”
  • The motivation for building Renegade Mind: to join the great conversation with humanity and creating a platform for learning communities.
  • The goal of Renegade Mind: build gateways for those who want to connect with others in the world of technology.
  • The goal of this domain is to become part of a community dedicated to becoming a fully optimized person.

Who am I?

My name is Alec and I was raised as close to a feral child as one could experience in America.

What the statement above means is I didn’t have the foundations of a “traditional” upbringing of most people. My role models where in my imagination or outsourced from the media I was exposed too.

Because of my foundation, I selected to develop a perspective of a DIY ethos to life-hacking “my human operating system.” My OS has allowed me the ability to adapt and thrive in life (I’m still alive).

Why I care?

Renegade Mind is a manifesto of getting back to the 1st principles  and being a full member on Team People.

I have developed a passion to curate and share knowledge for what it means to be an optimized person in Western Civilization.


We are getting sicker and we can be easily distracted.


It’s time to get back to the basics of becoming and being fully optimized people.The dirty little secret is we have the power to be thriving individuals, if we create an environment to succeed in. The end product of optimizing your individual environments are passionate global citizens who are awesome at life.


(this will always be a work in progress)

We, the people, are part of a super organism known as human beings (I love playing with words). We have amassed a wealth of information and knowledge which is no longer held in an ivory tower.

We have created the largest library (WORLD WIDE WEB) the world has ever seen. We have the technology to retrieve the answer to any question at any time needed.

We must do our part and manage our well being with lifestyle choices and become optimized human beings. We have the knowledge to make the appropriate decisions available in order to continue to thrive.

Welcome and thank you for joining the  journey into a Renegade Mind. This should be a fun ride.