Elizabeth Warren: Woman Resist!

Elizabeth Warren:

on a very dark election night,
woman watched in horror,
as Donald Trump was elected
President of the United States of America,

The woman didn’t like it,
they didn’t whimper,
they didn’t whine,

The woman fought back,
woman knitted hats,
they painted signs,
they took to the streets,

woman yelled to get attention,
woman went to rallies,
woman went to town hall meetings,

woman went to training sessions
woman organized,
woman raised funds,
woman managed campaigns,

woman put their name on the ballot.

the road ahead
woman have power,


our government is captured
by the wealth,
the wealth connected

the wealth and wealth connected
rigged the economy against
working people
and communities of color,


one more thing,
our supreme court,
has right wing justices
//point at something in the past//
//hold poss, look heroic//

we have courage
we fight
we cry
we resist
we persist

this election is a
message to the world:
woman have just started…

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