Why are millennials not going into construction

The Perkins Act provides funds under three main programs:

Basic State Grants Programs (Title I) through which states distribute money to high schools, colleges and universities that offer programs that integrate academic and career and technical education.

National Programs that allow certain research organizations to conduct and disseminate national research and information on best practices that improve CTE programs. For example, these funds are currently used to support the National Research Center for Career and Technical Education and other activities assisting states with implementing key requirements of the Perkins Act.

Tech Prep Programs (Title II) that allow educational institutions to combine at least two years of high school education followed by at least two years of education at a college or university, resulting in an industry-recognized credential, certificate or degree. Since May 2011, the U.S.

Department of Education no longer provides states with funds for tech prep programs.


Alex Jones side of the story

potus45Trump on:

Infowars voice silenced
by social media corporations.

Is this the purge?
Is this the playbook of
election meddling and collusion?

Will censorship intensify
Will lawmakers act now to introduce
a Digital Bill of Rights
and treat social media giants
as telecommunications companies,

who are forbidden
by law from discriminating against
people and media outlets
based on their political opinions?


potus45Trump: meeting with Inner City Pastors

whiteHouse, cabinet, 2018:

We’ve launched a bold workforce training initiative.
So far, over 100 companies and associations
have already pledged to train and retrain
over 4 million Americans.

Training the people is so important,
because we have companies,
once again, coming back into our country,
and they want to employ people.

We’re training and working with “these” people,
and we’re getting companies to do the same.

It’s been — actually,
it’s been a very “beautiful thing”.

We fought very hard to include “Opportunity Zones”
in our tax bill,
which, as you know, we have.

This tax incentive will bring badly needed investment
into distressed communities —
communities with high unemployment,
communities where it’s really tough,
and tough to get a job.