Propaganda Self Defense Tech: Cultivate an Understanding

published by: Alec One

Question: Should I endorse news as facts?

Answer: It depends…

My Uncle Mcluhan taught me a lesson and a valuable skill. The skill allows me to view reality through the eyes of a scientist.

Skill: Develop Understanding

  • The world moves too fast to have a point of view, instead, develop an understanding.


  • Information moves to fast to have a stationary target.
  • Information manufacturers your identity.


  • Understand the process of “how” news becomes news.
  • Seek understanding of how information and environment manufacturers your identity.
  • Don’t seek angles, or points of view regarding information.
  • Dialogue is fundamental for the discovery process.
  • Most discoveries occur during the act of talking, not after.

My Understanding:

  • The mask, role, or persona I choose when I am hunting and gathering news information will be focused towards understanding through dialogue.
  • Understanding the process of how information is manufactured and then presented to the public is a critical skill to develop in cyberspace.


  • If you have a single point of view in a world with infinite perspectives, then your identity could be constructed by the creators of the information news created for you.
  • I’ll close this mind purge on this note. Remember to review this periodically and discover different pathways to view reality…
  • exit…

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