Renegade Mind: Products of my hobbies.

Alec: This is a baddass country we live in. It’s not as scary as the media wants to display it:)

Alec: Holy fuck sticks! The public is getting a first person view of how a billionaire business minded person functions. 

Ginger: Haha, mind hacking 

Alec: He builds teams like a professional sports team. Then he gives them full reign of the special abilities. 

Alec: Bundle press starter kits! New idea;) haha

Ginger: Ooooh, what and how?

Alec: Create a folder. In the folder are links to websites of the federal government. For example: white house, defense Department, state department, blah blah. These are all “root” source of public gossip media. Now that you have the source information, you build your personal “media channel” and you “interpret” the news to your “audience” in your style of choice. These are the templates to follow, For example: Philip DeFranco, daily show, John Oliver,  morning Joe, world news reports…. 

Ginger: You could design a custom media generator on RM!

Alec: The product is showing the steps of how to produce the “shows”!!!! Haha

Alec: First build root source material. Then build style guide templates. 

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