White House Press Brief: President Trump Donates $78k to National Park Services

published by: Alec One

Executive News Highlights:

  • President Trump Donates $78k to help US National Parks get media coverage. Why? Department of Interior is $100 [million] or $229 million behind in deferred maintenance on our battlefields.
  • Secretary Zinke says “it’s a matter of National Security for America to develop it’s own energy.” He is open for companies interested in developing energy from the publics national resources. Coal industry looking to develop jobs for Americans.
  • Secretary Zinke: “All of us want clean air, clean water.” As a boy scout he will ensure companies leave the land just as they found it.
  • April 2nd through the 8th as National Crime Victims’ Rights Week.
  • Federal aid will be given to the state of California as a result of severe winter storm flooding and mudslides in February.
  • Senate Judiciary Committee voted to advance the President’s selection for Neil Gorsuch to the full Senate.
  • The application process for this year’s H1B visas.

Questions asked by Journalist Highlights:

  • Q: Jared Kushner’s trip to Iraq today — why is he there and not the Secretary of State? What is the message that the President is sending by having Jared Kushner be the one to take this trip to Iraq?
  • Q: A recent ProPublica report out today revealed that President Trump can draw money from his businesses at any time without disclosing it. I have two questions.  One, has the President withdrawn any money from his businesses since taking office?  And two, can the White House commit that the President will disclose future withdrawals if they take place?

    Source: wh.gov

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