Thinking Out Loud: Universities are Social Networks

published by: Alec One

What is a university?

  • Institution of higher learner.

My Understanding:

What if universities could all level up the services they provide their customers? I believe they can if they create the proper social networks for people to create useful connections for personal enhancement. 

Currently people choose the school they want to go to based on the reputation of the school. The name of the school is a signal for others to determine what kind of social network you have access too. 

This behavior can be seen through the social interactions between people. For example, when people first meet, they participate in a kind of dance through a questions and answers sessions. Questions are asked like where do you live, what do you do for work and where did you go to school? 

These questions are really asking what social networks do you come from. This is a kind of epiphany for me.

  • If institutions are social networks, then are high performing networks reproducible? 

The high performing networks I am referencing are “schools” like the Harvard’sā€‹ or the Stanford’sā€‹ of the world. The “communities” that people dream of living in. The “families” people have always wanted. These kinds of “social networks” I believe are reproducible in any environment. 

What is an entrepreneur:

  • Someone who takes on and manages the risk of solving human issues. 

These social networks are also used to create links to the entrepreneur community. Entrepreneur communities are always thinking about how to better serve people’s needs. This is how entrepreneur’s earn a living. 

If I where an entrepreneur, I would ask myself: 

  • What are the needs I can work on in a particular kind of community? 

This is the link of how to replicate templates of perceived successful communities.  

If I use the framework of the entrepreneur community, who search for ways to better serve people, then all I have to do is observe, meet others and create relationships to discover people’s needs.


There are not enough high performing social networks for people to connect with. 


Create applications that replicate the attributes of the high performing social networks. 

Examples of social networks:

  • Relationships 
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Community
  • School
  • Security
  • Health
  • Fitness

My Understanding:

An entrepreneur of a university creates the culture of a “kind of” university community that is different from being in an alumna association. 

A university entrepreneur builds a social network on the internet through a web domain and links to the social network platforms people use to connect. 

This can be started at the level of the individual. One person can build a template. Then establish an internet connection. Build a website. Connect to social networks. Connect digitally or real-time with individuals in the network through communication applications. Generate seeds to establish relationship links. 

What I described above can be distilled down into terms like community organizers. Basically people or job titles who attempt to connect people (relationships, family, friends, teams, missionaries, alum, corporations) with eachother.

Social Network Developer Function: party orginizer

How to build a community:

  • Create a website connection of the community you want to estabish. For example: I created the Facebook page for Bridgeview Tribe. 
  • Introduce yourself to local neighbors. 
  • Establish a date to connect as neighbors. This begins the anchoring process for relationship establishment.
  • Create relevant content for digital social network.
  • Repeat process in different environments.

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