Thinking Out Loud: What is gender?

What is: Gender?

Historically the word #gender has been used by #teampeople to place human objects in a specific kind of container for identification purposes. 

I thank the classical Romans for providing the seeds of this particular word. 

Gender, “literally” is linked to #genus and genus is the #Latin word that translates to “race, stock, kind, family; birth, descent, origin.” 

Now that I have a better understanding of the #first meanings of the word gender, I better appreciate how people use the word presently. 

Words are tools teampeople use to project our minds to others. If that sentence seemed kind of weird, then just close your eyes and imagine what gender looks like to you, personally.


Questions to imagine:

  • How does your minds eye view gender? 
  • What pictures float by in your mind as you scan for an image that would represent gender to you? 
  • What are the kinds of images?
  • When a child is born what would you tell the parents?

These are fascinating questions to think about. Some can argue we are currently living through a culture war. I agree with this statement in form only. Only because people create,define, and use words as tools. And Teampeople are master tool makers. 

Culture is a kind of tool that organizes people into groups. Words are a kind of tool that define meaning to objective and subjective reality. Culture and words are the only elements necessary to start a culture war among teampeople. 

The continuous War of Identity Politics:

I would argue teampeople have been dealing with issues of identity the moment #language emerged. 


Teampeople label the world with words for many important reasons. Labels provide structure and organization. If the word being used as a tool works, then the word will be “picked up” and used by people. 

Self Analysis:

I was “triggered” to set my thoughts down and to look at them in this piece I’m writing.  

Why? The era of decadents

Because I am alive during the era of decadents. After carefull observations I predict certain thinking frameworks are going through states of decay. Certain ways of seeing reality are being challenged by teampeople.

Mic Drop:

The process and outcomes of these challenges are what I enjoy observing. I’ll close my mind now with a different question: 

  • What kind of future world will present teampeople help shape for future teampeople?  

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